Your infrastructure is critical too.

Failure has become normal. Bug fixing is a full-time job. Security is becoming a loser's game.

That isn't normal, and it won't fix itself. It's time to act.

Software underpins our society.

It needs to be done right.

It's a serious business.

From airliners to artificial hearts, when software must not fail, the High Integrity Software industry chooses Ada. We choose it for the same reason.

Ada is an advanced, mature, general-purpose, public-domain programming language that is carefully designed for the development of very complex, long-lived, mission-critical systems.

We are passionate Ada and SPARK/Ada advocates, and insist on using it for all of our work.

Integrity matters.

Change is life.

Software should be designed for long-term maintenance. Software should be written to be understandable, maintainable, and flexible.

Software engineering needs discipline, not programmer convenience, or re-invented wheels.

We believe the software industry needs to change.

We intend to be that change.

Right the first time, right for all-time.

From enterprise cloud to IoT embedded, Ada provides proven tools for building software that just works.

We bring the skills to apply those tools to any challenge, large or small, old or new.

  • Training
  • Development
  • Consulting
  • Hand-over
  • Emergency Response
  • Long-term Support

Our passion is software that works. Period.

We've seen enough failure. Have you?