AURA - The Ada User Repository Annex

Introducing a native package manager and build system for Ada.

AURA is a hypothetical new specialized needs annex for the Ada stanndard. The idea was to imagine a truly native, integrated package managment system for Ada. We are excited to announce the open source release of our reference implementation - AURA CLI. This post disucsses the philosophy behind the desgin and developemnt of AURA.

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Should Have Used Ada (SHUA) #2 - Polkit gets "confused"

(Part 2)

The rarely discussed, but unparalleled structural discipline of Ada is at least as valuable as its strong type-system and language rules. That structural discipline, which has always been a core design feature of Ada, is both unique and essential to Ada's aptitude for readability, maintainability, agility, and dramatically reduced testing requirements.


Should Have Used Ada (SHUA) #2 - Polkit gets "confused"

(Part 1)

Recently, a serious vulnerability (CVE-2018-19788) appeared in the popular polkit authentication D-Bus service used on many Linux platforms, especially those running systemd. In this post we explore the root cause and focus on why Ada's type system would have prevented this kind of (common) flaw from ever arising in the first-place.


Should Have Used Ada (SHUA) #1 - Goto fail

Ada was designed from the beginning specifically for reliability and maintainability. The simple use of the Ada language can eliminate some of the most common software vulnerabilities. In the SHUA series, we use real examples to demonstrate why chosing Ada for your projects makes more sense than ever.

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